Our Work

Current Projects:

  • We provide a museum of Nepali instruments open to public as well as tour groups, school groups and other educational purposes.
  • We provide lesson space for traditional music instruction.
  • We provide space for music festivals, events and cpncerts.
  • Thanks to a start up grant from The British Library, we are now working on digitizing our audio and video collections. We think it will take 3 years to complete this project, but only have a grant to cover the first year so far.
  • We continue to collect endangered Nepali folk instruments and to record historically important music and musicians.
  • We provide our own educational books, CDs and DVDs for sale.

Future Goals and Hopes

  • To finish digitizing our collections.
  • To be able to share our resources and knowledge base with other educational institutions.
  • To provide educational opportunities for students and interns interested in musical and historical archiving.
  • To purchase and install either solar lightning and back up electricity or generator for electric back-up power.
  • To continue to record historically and culturally important events, festivals, music and historical individuals with a combination of interviews as well as musical performances.
  • To find new ways to advertise our museum and our projects.
  • To make a small recording studio at the museum

If you would like to help us in these efforts to preserve Nepal’s rich folk music heritage, please contact us.  Namaste!